Save automatically

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Save automatically

Beitrag von Millman » Mittwoch 5. März 2014, 23:53

I need to save a file on the disk but the file name is assigned automatically when I press a button.

example: when I press the button excel, the file should be saved automatically without thinking to enter the name of the file.
The name of the file should add it automatically.
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Re: Save automatically

Beitrag von IKT » Donnerstag 6. März 2014, 13:48

Hello Millman,

if I understand you correctly, you want to do the following:
- send (PL)Table Data to Excel (using HotKey feature)
- then save the Excel file without giving it a NAME
If above assumption ist correct then:
- send ... -- is not a problem, at all
- then save ... -- is not a problem of PL, rather an Excel problem (or any other called application, for that matter), this means you are in the wrong forum to get this issue resolved. Try a Microsoft Office forum for assistance.
Gruss/regards IKT


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