Ends of Circular segments bending in?

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Ends of Circular segments bending in?

Beitrag von Chris56000 » Freitag 5. Juli 2024, 21:11


. . .I'm often needing to draw rotary wafer switches and the contact segments of these which may need an arc sub–tending an angle ranging from 7.5 degrees to 357.5 degrees!

. . .However when I try to draw the arc segment the ends of each arc segment appear to "bend in" or distort towards the centre of the arc, which makes it very difficult to attach curved or straight line segments to the arcs, even when "snap to object" mode is turned on!

. . .Is there a fix planned for this?

Chris Williams

Walsall, UK

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Re: Ends of Circular segments bending in?

Beitrag von abacom » Dienstag 9. Juli 2024, 09:21

There is no fix planned for this, sorry. There are technical reasons behind this and it is something we have to live with.
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