New "board property": outer copper margin

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New "board property": outer copper margin

Beitrag von windcrest77 » Sonntag 20. Juni 2021, 18:07

I have a suggestion for the next release...

My board fabricator does not like it when the copper goes all the way out to the edge of the board outer profile. They ask that you make the copper stop short of the edge by at least .15 mm. Currently I have to manually cut out .25 mm of copper all around the edge of every board I make to create this "outer copper margin".

It would be very handy if in the "board properties" panel you added a new property called "outer copper margin" it would display a drop down list of .15, .25., .5, .75, .1 mm increments and a checkbox. When checked, it will automatically create a margin all around the board outer profile of that width by removing the copper that currently goes all the way out to the edge. It should perform this task on all 4 copper layers.

Right now it takes me 10 minutes to draw a margin around the outer profile of all 4 layers manually, and if I change the board size I have to do the margin all over again. With this new "outer copper margin" board property I can do it with one click.


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Re: New "board property": outer copper margin

Beitrag von Sonny1983 » Dienstag 29. Juni 2021, 21:13

Great idea! would be nice if the "auto ground plane" function would also respect the margin and wouldn't flood over the board outline.

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Re: New "board property": outer copper margin

Beitrag von SM7WVZ » Montag 4. Oktober 2021, 07:39

I would also like to see this feature added for future updates - it would save me much time too... and it seems to me to be a simple thing to implement.


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