Problem with K8000 and Profilab 4.0

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Problem with K8000 and Profilab 4.0

Beitrag von plc » Mittwoch 17. August 2016, 13:18

I have a problem with K8000 and Profilab 4.0 . Every when I start with the card get I the message "interûberlauf" after a few puls SCD and SCL on kaart K8000.
Everthing is set correthy , have anyone and idea ?.

I know the problems with K8000 and a have introduced both files K8000_new and Tvicpoort (abacom ) but always not results .

A great question , is that really possible to work with this card . Anyone experience !!..

I work with desktop 1,5 gh and 2 gb ram and XP Sp 2 versie 2002.

Please help me.


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