Some requests and/or questions

Wir nehmen gerne Ihre Ideen, Vorschläge, Meinungen entgegen. (Beiträge werden von uns gelesen, aber nicht beantwortet.)
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Some requests and/or questions

Beitrag von cdgmol » Dienstag 5. Juli 2011, 22:24

I would like to have the possibility to delete or edit some points (measured values) of a plot.
The reason is that during plotting (of discharging a battery) the DMM battery was down for some time and the plot is partially "corrupted". So, I want to skip (or correct) that wrong data.

This would be possible when there was already another useful feature: (re-)importing saved/exported data.
Then it will be possible (apart from repairing a plot) to add to a project the (old) data from another project too.

I've made plots of the discharging of a few batteries (at separate pages of the same project). But now I want to compare the curves of the different pages (batteries). I'm a new RealView user and have tried shortly if I could get all the curves/pages together in one view using the 'Split' option (but was not successful so far). But even if this is possible, it's not what I want. I want that all plots/curves are shown in the same graph/page.
Well, if importing saved/exported data into a curve was possible, it would be a solution for this request too.

Note. I'm certainly not the first one asking for an import option (see e.g. topic "Import von Daten aus Files") and I agree very much with the statement "was ein Programm exportiert sollte es auch wieder importieren können". And transferring all data to e.g. Excel and then making a graph, will take a reasonable lot of time. Besides, in most cases the RealView graph is easy to use and very suitable for viewing a plot and analyzing the data. An Excel graph has e.g. not or hardly the very easy and advanced zoom (nor the 'Follow' and 'Marker') options of RealView.

P.S. Beantworten in der Deutsche Sprache ist kein Problem, but for (technical) writing and for using software English is much easier for me than German.

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Re: Some requests and/or questions

Beitrag von abacom » Dienstag 12. Juli 2011, 08:22

Das sind im Grunde schon recht interessante Ideen.
Wir werden diese Gedanken bei der Planung einer neuen Version von ReallView gerne mit einbeziehen. Das heißt aber noch nicht, daß diese Ideen auch alle realisiert werden, das entscheidet sich dann erst bei der Planung der neuen Version.
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