Split does not "split" potential

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Split does not "split" potential

Beitrag von Hougaarden » Donnerstag 18. Februar 2021, 11:00

I just noticed that using split has no effect on the potential of a copper-strip.
Making the standard split a bit wider on one side does the trick.
To split or not to split.jpg
To split or not to split.jpg (78.99 KiB) 50 mal betrachtet
Regards, Wilfried Vermeire

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Re: Split does not "split" potential

Beitrag von abacom » Donnerstag 25. Februar 2021, 10:24

Well, I see the behavior in your picture, but I wasn´t able to reproduce this myself in a project.
There might be an accidental connection of "gray" somewhere (outside of the picture), perhaps?
Any advice how to reproduce this effect? Please attach or send file.

It looks like, that there were copper eyes hidden beyond the tracks? These might cause the effect, perhaps.
In that case remove the redundant copper eyes, please. Use copper track and drilling elements only, for this kind of layout.
Do not combine tracks with redundant copper eyes, but use drillings instead.
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