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Realview with Custom RS232 input

Verfasst: Montag 13. März 2017, 14:10
von danielk
I am Trying to plot data from one of our load measuring devices but I am experiencing some problems. I have set the system for another RS232 device, and that was all working correctly.

Now I have a device that gives a small datastring approx 1x per second that looks like this: 11, 2.222, 33
When I view the output in my terminal program, I can see the data coming in without problems. I would like to record a plot of the middle part of this datastring "2.222" so I have set the hardware setting in Realview to 3 channels, separated by a comma.

No data seems to be coming in to Realview for some reason.
What am I doing wrong?? See attached image for all settings.......


Re: Realview with Custom RS232 input

Verfasst: Mittwoch 24. April 2019, 16:54
From your topic description it seems you using the user inteface HW selection to communicate with a custom device(not a ABACOM supported device)
in this case my understanding of the help file is that the string should terminate with CHR(13) and CHR(10) ,
from your screen print it seems not to be present .just a :D guess from my side here

Re: Realview with Custom RS232 input

Verfasst: Donnerstag 25. April 2019, 08:13
von abacom
RealView does not support HARDWARE handshake as flow control option. It uses NO HANDSHAKE. So you have to setup your device that way, if possible (see device manual). In case your device does necessarily rely on hardware handshake, you may have to modify your RS232 cable wiring.
This may be helpful: