Blinking RGB

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Blinking RGB

Beitrag von PowerSoft » Samstag 7. Juli 2018, 14:05


I wont construct a blinking RGB led. The idee is to switch the RGB lines with an analog switch over a tact generator.
Input E1 is the signal (color) and E2 is the signal (black).
So when switching between them gives a blinking effect.
The RGB will be generated in a DLL, and will not used code into the DLL to blink
Can't use the and port becouse the signal definition of the RGB signals are in the range 0..5 V.
Some idee how to catch this problem?

Thank for any help
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Re: Blinking RGB

Beitrag von IKT » Sonntag 8. Juli 2018, 00:04

Why program a DLL, for such a simple problem?
Use PL-E for that type of thing. That is, what it was made for!
Gruss/regards IKT


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