New Modbus Client Very Slow

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New Modbus Client Very Slow

Beitrag von duncan » Freitag 31. März 2017, 13:33

Hi, I'm sure this has already been discussed, but I cant find....

I've moved an old project to the new modbus client and it all works but the reaction is much slower. Before the reaction (operating a relay for example) was almost instantaneous... with the new client it takes between 3 and 6 secs... What am I doing wrong?
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Re: New Modbus Client Very Slow

Beitrag von hrathke » Sonntag 2. April 2017, 13:32

Hi Duncan,

I think you do nothing wrong... ;)

It is also my opinion, that the "new" modbus client is working very slow. That is the reason, that I use the old modules. The only reason for using the new ones is, if the connection broken, the programm is working further and not trying to stay connect.... :roll:

Unfortunately, abacom will not change anything ... :(


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Re: New Modbus Client Very Slow

Beitrag von alex_evil » Freitag 8. März 2019, 23:29

New modbus client is working realy slow even for me.

I've made every test.
I found out that the old modbus client keeps the TCP socket always open, the new modbus client closes the socket after each message and then opens it again for each new message.

it would be great if a checkbox like "keep the connection alive" was available in the software.
With this checkbox selected the operation of the old modbus client would be emulated



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