Write Error 5 on RS485 (FTDI)

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Write Error 5 on RS485 (FTDI)

Beitrag von Millman » Dienstag 5. November 2013, 00:13

Hello to all,
I'm currently using 2 RS485 (FTDI) and sometimes ProfiLab generates this error: (Write error 5) I do not know how to fix it you have any idea?

thank you

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Re: Error

Beitrag von IKT » Dienstag 5. November 2013, 10:06


the more cryptic the question ...
Please furnish a more detailed description of the circumstances that cause 'your' fault. With HW components it could be a simple timing issue, such as write before a necessary read is performed. Other possibilitys exist such as Buffer overflows etc.
Best way to proceed is to post your project here. That enables all to have a look at what you have so far and maybe 'see' a problem.

BTW: I think, this issue belongs into the HW section of the forum (not SW).
Gruss/regards IKT

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Re: Error

Beitrag von abacom » Mittwoch 6. November 2013, 08:37

Latest FTDI VCP Drivers reside here...
ABACOM support


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