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Print in PDF

Beitrag von emilio » Dienstag 27. Januar 2015, 14:35

I'm sorry but this topic will be in english. I've done an application for quality assurance in medical with Profilab. It's Works very fine but I wanna go so far with it. In this application i've got at least 4 or 5 five front panels and I would like to print in 1 pdf file all the front panels. But I'dont arrive to print all in 1. I can just print 1 front panel per file. My version of profilab is from 8/2/2012 and I don't arrive to update it may be it's the reason.
How I can do that ?

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Re: Print in pdf

Beitrag von IKT » Donnerstag 29. Januar 2015, 01:19

Hi emilio,
the way the PRINT function is implemented (on a per FrontPanel basis), will not allow for multiple FrontPanels in one PDF, at least not in an automatic way.
A possible solution could be an external PDF handling prog. that is scriptable ...
I have not done any research on that matter, therefore I don't know if something like that even exists.
Gruss/regards IKT

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Re: Print in pdf

Beitrag von abacom » Donnerstag 29. Januar 2015, 09:12

There isn´t any "print multiple front panels on one page" option unfortunately.

Also see... viewtopic.php?f=21&t=3545
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