Modbus Client

Paul Bromley
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Modbus Client

Beitrag von Paul Bromley » Freitag 26. August 2016, 09:36

Hi, Sorry I can't speak German

This is my first attempt a using Profilab so these may be simple questions

I need to read/write to an Omron PLC and read and write to an Omega PID controller CN7853

I can see how I can add multiple reads and write. I am unsure about how I get the multple data in and out of the Modbus client block. Are there registers I can store the data in?

Also is there a way that I can read write some data at a different rate, for example I may need to write once for set up data

Thanks in advance

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Re: Modbus Client

Beitrag von abacom » Dienstag 20. September 2016, 09:36

Have you already checked out the manual?


May be helpful as well...

For Modbus fundamentals (if that is the question), please refer to...
ABACOM support


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