Fancy 360 degrees meters

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Fancy 360 degrees meters

Beitrag von holstein » Dienstag 4. Dezember 2018, 12:29

Dear all,
I like to use for my motor test station a some meters for oil pressure, rpm etc. but the meters inside Profilab are not good for my purpose.
Did anyone made this kind of 360 degrees meters with a part yellow, green, and red areas?
Is it possible that I can design meters by myself I mean analog meters.

Best regards,
Johan Holstein

Mike D
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Re: Fancy 360 degrees meters

Beitrag von Mike D » Mittwoch 5. Dezember 2018, 10:36

Hej Johan,
I think the DLL shown in this huge tread could solve your problem.
Zeigerinstrument mit max. 3 Zeigern (als DLL)


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Re: Fancy 360 degrees meters

Beitrag von abacom » Donnerstag 6. Dezember 2018, 13:59

Unfortunately the download links seem all to be gone.
ABACOM support


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