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von holstein
Dienstag 15. Dezember 2020, 14:35
Forum: Thema RS232
Thema: Update 14.10.2014 - COM Request/Response und $Bytes
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Re: Update 14.10.2014 - COM Request/Response und $Bytes

Hi people at this forum, I must send via buttons messages to the comport, and now I use 10 x RS232 send string for that this works perfectly. However this is a bit weird because when installing on a other PC I must set 10 times the serial port to the right comport say Com3. Is there a better solutio...
von holstein
Dienstag 4. Dezember 2018, 12:29
Forum: Darstellung / Visualisierung
Thema: Fancy 360 degrees meters
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Fancy 360 degrees meters

Dear all, I like to use for my motor test station a some meters for oil pressure, rpm etc. but the meters inside Profilab are not good for my purpose. Did anyone made this kind of 360 degrees meters with a part yellow, green, and red areas? Is it possible that I can design meters by myself I mean an...

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